What Can I Do?

Every year we raise the question, “What can I do about this?” And we generally give three answers: pray, become informed, and give. But this year, we want you to walk away with more than an idea. We want you to have tangible ways to become involved.

Prayer is still the most important, and it is the reason we are gathered tonight. God changes things through our prayers, and we should never undervalue the efficacy of our prayers.

Becoming informed can be a difficult thing. You may not know which news network to follow, or if the information you are receiving is trustworthy. Tonight, you can sign up for updates from the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, or from the Persecuted Church Project. Either way, you can stay informed with information on what is happening in the Middle East, and ways that you can be a blessing to the suffering Christians there.

Third, give. The Iraqi Christian Relief Council has an extensive network of people on the ground in Iraq, Syria, and other countries in the Middle East. Our speaker, Juliana Taimoorazy, is the founder and director of this organization, so through her presentation tonight, you can be assured of exactly where your money is going. The Iraqi Christian Relief Council is known for it’s transparency, accounting on their website where all finances go, and Julianna is known internationally as an expert on the plight of Middle Eastern Christians.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! I briefly mentioned the Persecuted Church Project. You may not be sure what that is, but I would encourage you to look around this website. . The Persecuted Church Project is a dream to make people partners with Middle Eastern Christians through music, art, recording projects, and information. The Evensong for the Persecuted Church is the springing board for this project. First, our desire is to expand the Evensong for the Persecuted Church as a template and resource for churches across denominations to utilize as a means to raise funding and resources for aid and relief for the Christians in the Middle East. Second, our desire is to perform and record music from the various traditions of Christianity in the Middle East that is in extreme danger of being lost, and to use these performances and recordings as a way to raise funds for aid and relief, and engage people as partners with those suffering Christians. Third, the project aims to commission visual artists, musical composers, and other artists to create works of art that in themselves help preserve the culture and artistic accomplishments of Middle Eastern Christians, and also raise significant funds for aid and relief.

Are you a lawyer, a journalist, a musician, an artist, a photographer? Or do you just have a heart for the persecuted Church? Please, sign up for email updates from both the Persecuted Church Project and the Iraqi Christian Relief Council. Please, please, give generously for the aid and relief of these peoples. And please pray. Only God can change the current state of affairs, but that begins with you.

~ Matthew Wilkinson

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